Mad Cow rubs and marinades transform meats, seafood and vegetables with our fantastic range. Mad Cow gives your food its personality character, depth and soul to every dish in your repertoire, from transforming a simple steak to electrifying those plain chicken fillets or vegetables.

I’ve always been fascinated by flavours and seasonings with working with meat and making our own sausages and burgers. I was always looking for that different flavour from other butcher shops.

I think with the lockdown 2020 more and more people are liking that we bit of cooking or bbqing at home and trying something new out. Any where in the world now, people love to grill, and always looking to give there family BBQ there own personality.

There is no shortage of commercial seasoned salts and rubs out there, But most of them are loaded with msg, gluten and many other commercial products.

I created Mad Cow to create a simple range that would react in a complex way on your taste buds, made out of only natural flavours, spices and herbs.

Put them altogether and you get a seasoning mix that makes just about any food come alive, weather you like a touch of sweetness or a more aromatic flavour to spices to give your taste buds a sharp burst of flavour. We have it all.


I get asked a lot why Mad Cow?.. Well the truth is back in 1996 when my dad Pearse first opened Wilsons Family Butchers, On his first week of opening the butchers,  mad cow disease hit Northern Ireland, What a kick in the chin, but with a bit of thinking out side the box we got through it and still going 24 years later. So I thought this would suit as we are all a bit mad around here anyway..